Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (EMPA), WP 5 lead, will work on the inverse modelling of F-gases (in WP 3), CH4 (WP 4) and N2O (WP 5) based on its decades of experience with national emissions estimation. EMPA will also advance the reporting methodology of N2O in Switzerland to Tier 3 in collaboration with KIT and AGS. EMPA is a Swiss Federal research institute within the ETH domain. The Laboratory for Air Pollution/Environmental Technology focuses on the measurement & modelling of atmospheric trace constituents and their isotopic composition. EMPA is operating the Swiss National Air Pollution Monitoring Network (NABEL), is a World Calibration Center (WCC) of the Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW) program of WMO and is a partner of the AGAGE and ICOS-CH network. EMPA is co-founder of the Center for Climate Systems Modeling (C2SM) at ETH and has access to extensive IT infrastructure such as the Swiss Supercomputing Center CSCS and closely cooperates with the Swiss national weather service (MeteoSwiss) on atmospheric transport model development. On the national scale, EMPA provides inverse modelling estimates of non-CO2 GHGs to the National Inventory Report. EMPA has a unique infrastructure for online analysis of natural abundance isotopic composition in CO2, CH4 and N2O, including several automated preconcentration – laser spectrometers (TREX-QCLAS) and CRDS spectrometers, calibration gases covering delta scales and auxiliary devices for gas handling.

Agroscope (AGS) will provide model inputs and N2O simulations using the DayCent model, calibrated for Swiss croplands, in WP 5. AGS will intercompare DayCent, isotopically-tuned LandscapeDNDC outputs and Tier 1 and 2 methods to further develop agricultural N2O reporting in Swizterland’s national inventory. AGS is the Swiss centre of excellence for agricultural research and is affiliated with the Federal Office for Agriculture (FOAG). Agroscope is responsible for the Agricultural sector of the Swiss national inventory reporting and contributes to the sector landuse, land-use change and forestry (LULUCF). AGS will provide access to national input data, servers for DayCent simulations and contacts with the national inventory team of Switzerland.