National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG), WP 7 lead, will provide organic matter aerosol (OM) measurements from Dublin using a near-real time aerosol mass spectrometer (AMS) as well as perform the source apportionment of OM from five European sites in WP 7. NUIG operates the AC3 (Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate Change) monitoring network, which is a network of operational measurements of GHGs (CO2 and CH4), short-lived climate forcers (Black Carbon, Ozone, PM)) and ancillary measurements to underpin Irelands GHG emission verification process. Since 2016, NUI Galway has been developing StreamAIR – an operational real time forecasting app run with WRF-Chem which combines real-time advanced measurements with model-forecasts with capacity for modelling products of speciated components. Access to Mace Head Research facility as well as other Irish AC3 network sites, measurements and modelling capacity will be provided to this project via NUIG’s key role in the establishment and operations of these networks and facilities. In addition, NUIG possess access to highperformance computing infrastructure to enable high-resolution WRF-Chem simulations for five European sites.